Consult With A Roofer When You Need To Replace Some Shingles

Every homeowner needs to know it is important to prevent problems before they become disasters that need a lot of repair work. Doing maintenance on a regular basis will keep your home looking attractive and will actually save you money. You might think you are saving money if you put off necessary repairs, but in the long run, you will pay a lot more.

It is not always possible to know what decision to make regarding home repairs. For example, you may discover that it is better to repair a roof instead of replacing it entirely. The decision you make is dependent on several factors, such as the kind of roof damage that has occurred, and the extent of the damage compared to the overall roof size.

Is It Ever Okay To Replace Only Some Of The Shingles?

Yes, there are times when it is okay to simply replace a few of your shingles to restore your roof. Asphalt shingles can last for decades, and some modern roofs will last as long as you own the house.

You must first have a professional roofer check to see if the roof underlay has sustained damage. A few shingles blown away by strong winds will not cause nearly the same damage as a big leak that has penetrated several layers of the roof. If the roof has been heavily damaged, it is better, and ultimately more cost-effective, to replace the whole roof.

Remember that shingles are constantly being exposed to the elements. If you still have an extra set of shingles left over from the roof installation, they may not match the shingles on your roof. It is often difficult to get the replacement shingles to blend with the rest of the roof.

If the area of the roof needing new shingles is not conspicuous, you can get away with installing some replacement shingles.

Tip: If shingles are missing on your roof, you need to replace them as quickly as possible. They are meant to protect your home from water and wind. A small area of exposure can allow water to leak in and damage your home.

Patching The Areas That Are Damaged

Homeowners often wonder if they can simply patch over a damaged section of the roof instead of replacing it all.

Patching can sometimes work, but there are some problems that can arise.

You should consult a roofing professional before you patch your roof. The roofing expert can tell you whether a patch will last as long as the rest of your roof or if you will experience further damage.

A roofing professional will check not only the exterior shingles on your roof but will also check the attic to see if moisture has made its way inside your home.

Signs of serious damage include roofing shingles that buckle or curl up at the edge. Another sign to watch out for is the accumulation of granules on the ground or in your gutters.

A roof that is sagging down shows that there is a very serious problem. If you see a sagging roof, you must call a roofing contractor quickly to replace the entire roof.

Even if you can patch the shingles on your roof, the result may not look very appealing. It is likely that the damaged area is larger than just a few shingles, and the patch may not blend in well with your existing roof.

Can I Roof Over The Current Roof?

Homeowners often ask the professionals if they can simply apply shingles over the existing roof.

It might seem to be an inexpensive solution, but it simply covers up the problem without fixing the damage underneath.

Local building codes often allow a home to have two layers of roofing shingles. Once you add more than two layers, you may be putting too much weight on the home.

In addition, when you need to replace the roof later, you will end up paying double the money to remove two layers of shingles. If there is a leak in the future with two layers of shingles, it will be very hard to track the location of the leak.

Putting another layer of shingles on top of existing shingles will probably void the manufacturer’s warranty on the new shingles.

Replace The Roof?

Once water gets below your shingles, it can quickly work its way down and cause health problems as well as structural damage to your home. If you see evidence of moisture in your homes such as peeling paint, brown spots, or mold, it is better to replace the entire roof.

When it is time for a roof replacement, contact a professional home roofer. Price should not be your only concern when you are choosing a roofing professional. Invest in a high-quality product installed by an expert, and you will rest easy in the knowledge that your home is properly protected.